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Course Overview CRM Cloud Computing

  • Developer
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  • Sales Consultant and Service Consultant
  • Business Analysts



1. Introduction to CRM

Topics - • Sales Concept-Generic • Support Concept -Generic • CRM Basics • Cloud Computing Basics • SaaS • DaaS • PaaS • IaaS • SFDC Basics -Introduction • Edition Differences • Different editions available and basic differences SFDC Landscape Above Content Objective: To become familiar with CRM and SaaS

2. Introduction to Salesforce and Application Essentials

Topics - • Learn about factors to consider when building a data model Develop custom objects and fields, • Encrypted fields, • field help, and field history tracking Use master detail, • lookup, and many-to-many relationships • Create a user interface for custom applications using the Custom Object tab, • Page Layout, and Customization options Set field attributes on the page layout Objective : Learn how to create Apps, Tabs, Objects and relationships

3. Designing Applications for Multiple Users

Topics - • Learn about factors to consider when designing applications for multiple users Create profiles, • Understand what a profile controls (including data access), and customize profiles to manage the user experience Customize the user experience with record types and page layouts Control access to records Employ OWD, • Sharing rules and levels, • Roles, • Public groups, • Manual share Objective: Knowing about how to create an application for multiple users considering different Security levels

4. Designing Applications for Multiple Users continuation

Topics - • Apply profiles, • OWDs, • Role hierarchy, • Sharing to restrict access to sensitive data Apply OWDs, • Public groups, • Manual sharing to create conditional access to data Analyze suitability of FLS, • Page layouts, and record types to satisfy business requirements Objective : Provide strong foundation on sharing model

5. Provide strong foundation on sharing model

Topics - "Use the vlookup, regex, ischanged, isnew, and prior value functions to build business processes Use validation rules to enforce conditional required behavior Use functions to enforce data format and data consistency Implement multi step approval workflows and escalations to automate business processes" "Create parallel approval workflows and workflow approvals with dynamic approval routing Use outbound messages as part of an approval workflow Establish approval workflow criteria with cross object formulas Set up field history tracking to audit processes Learn techniques to prevent or record data changes" Objective : Providing knowledge on business process in Salesforce

6. Data management

Topics - Managing Data Learn when and how to use upsert Use data management tools and the capabilities of API-based tools Objective : Providing awareness of Apex dataloader

7. Analytics

Topics - • Creating reports - • Tabular, • Summary, • Matrix, • Join • Creating Dashboards with various components, • Creating analytical snapshots • Creating Report Types Objective : To provide in-depth coverage of reports and dashboards

8. Apex Triggers

Topics - • Describe Apex Trigger Explain the order of trigger execution • Identify when and where to use Apex Trigger • Successfully write an Apex Trigger Objective : Learn Apex triggers

9. Visualforce Pages

Topics - • Visualforce Page – Different Elements Writing First Visualforce Page • Visualforce – Standard Component • Visualforce – Controller • Visualforce – Standard Controller AJAX in Visualforce Objective : Familiarity in Visual Force

10. Apex

Topics - • SOQL and SOSL Queries • APEX Collections • Visualforce Functions • Inheritance in APEX Custom Controller • Data Manipulation Language • APEX Component Objective : To understand Apex and SOQL

11. Test classes,Integrations and Webservices

Topics - SOAP,REST,APEX Test Class Web Services Objective : Integrations with salesforce,SAP and other external applications.Provide knowledge in writing test classes and web services

12. Real Time Apps Development

Topics - Case Studies

Trainer Details

Trainer Name : Venkat SExperience Summary :
Total IT : 17 Years
Oracle apps : 8 Years
Salesforce : 6+ Years
Certifications : 201,211,401,501 Sales and Service Cloud Consultants
Salesforce Training : 5+ Years (Online,Offline and Corporate)
Total Trained Students : 14,000+
Total Implementations :7 Projects

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Goals & Objectives

  • Developer Role
  • Admin Role
  • Sales and Service Consultant Role
  • BA Role

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