Oracle Database Integration (ODI) 11g

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Course Overview

In this course you will get an overview of the Oracle Data Integrator Architecture, and a step by step guidelines required to set up an Oracle Data Integrator topology. You will learn how to use ODI Topology Manager to define these context and logical schema objects. You will learn how to design and develop interfaces and objects using ODI.
You will learn how to use Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) to implement high-performance movement and transformation of data among various platforms. You will also learns how to user ODI graphical interfaces to create and manage ODI repositories, which store configuration information about the IT infrastructure, the metadata for all applications, projects, models and other ODI artifacts.



1. ODI 11g

Topics - Lesson 1: Introduction, Lesson 2: Administering ODI Repositories, Lesson 3: ODI Topology Concepts , Lesson 4: Describing the Physical and Logical Architecture, Lesson 5: Oracle Data Integrator Model Concepts, Lesson 6: Setting Up a New ODI Project, Lesson 7: Organizing ODI Models and Creating ODI Datastores, Lesson 8: ODI Interface Concepts, Lesson 9: Designing Interfaces, Lesson 10: Interfaces: Monitoring and Debugging, Lesson 11: Designing Interfaces: Advanced Topics 1, Lesson 12: Designing Interfaces: Advanced Topics 2, Lesson 13: Using ODI Procedures, Lesson 14: Using ODI Packages, Lesson 15: Managing ODI Versions, Lesson 16: Managing ODI Scenarios, Lesson 17: Enforcing Data Quality with ODI, Lesson 18: Working with Changed Data Capture, Lesson 19: Advanced ODI Administration, Lesson 20: Extending ODI with the SDK, Web Services, and SOA.

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Rithisha Information Systems Pvt.Ltd has been committed to providing the highest quality, needs-based training interventions to its clients, both locally and internationally, Rithisha is a renowned for superior training programs delivered by an enviable team of qualified, expert and highly experienced trainers in the area of Information Technology. Rithisha provides organizations and individuals with a complete and comprehensive suite of training offerings including online and classroom training's.

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Goals & Objectives

  • Overview of the architecture of the complete Oracle Data Integrator system.
  • Overview of sessions, use Operator to monitor, stop and start sessions, and basic troubleshooting.
  • Administer ODI resources and setup security with ODI
  • Use Oracle Data Integrator to perform transformation of data among various platforms

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