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Course Overview

This course will provide a solid foundation for a career in business analysis. We explore the strategy, phases, components and process a BA uses to develop a project. From conducting an enterprise analysis to assessing the solution's implementation, you will learn the basics of how to manage the process and determine the appropriate parties to be involved.



1. Introduction to Business

Topics - Role of Business analyst, Skills of a Business analyst, Why a Business analyst?, Structure of the development team, Position of Business analyst in the development team.

2. System Development Life cycle (SDLC)

Topics - Understanding concept of Business modeling, Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment.

3. Requirement Gathering Strategy

Topics - Importance of requirement gathering, Requirement gathering techniques, Different Types of requirements, JAD session, Role of BA in JAD session, Preparing JAD session agenda, How to conduct JAD session, Creating Functional Requirement documentation, Creating Software Requirement specification.

4. Software Engineering Methods

Topics - Waterfall Model, Software Prototyping, Incremental Build Model, Iterative and Incremental Development, V-Model, Spiral Model, Scrum, Clean room Software Engineering, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM), Unified Process, Extreme Programming (XP), Agile Software Development, Lean Software Development, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Dual Vee Model, Test - Driven Development, Behavior - Driven Development, Feature – Driven Development, Domain – Driven Design, Model – Driven Engineering.

5. Use case

Topics - Understanding use cases, Use case relationships, Creating use cases from requirement, Change management and version control.

6. UML Methodology

Topics - Use case diagrams,Activity diagrams.

7. Software testing

Topics - Introduction to QA methodology, Role of BA in testing, Creating test cases.

8. US Health care

Topics - What is Health Insurance, Components of Health Insurance, Types of Health Insurance Coverages, Types of Health Insurance (HMO, PPO, POS), Provider vs. Payer, and NPI, Claims Process Flow, Claims Submission, Claims Adjudication Processing, Encounters Submission, Compliance Check.

9. Review session

Topics - Reviewing the entire business analyst course, Question and answer sessions, Reviewing of potential interview questions.

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Post a Rating
by Rajesh
This course provided me with a great introductory level of knowledge pertaining to BA. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in BA. I'm happy I gained new knowledge on how to improve my documentation methods and managing change requests. Instructor was knowledgeable and easy to understand.
by Kartik
Great course for BA's, I loved this course. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of business analysis, but you will be given real world scenarios further explaining what you have learned. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable! Highly recommended.

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Goals & Objectives

  • Role and importance of the BA
  • Plan BA requirements activities
  • Elicit requirements from stakeholders, with an emphasis on interviews
  • Analyze stated requirements, with an overview of modeling techniques
  • Elements of requirements management and communication and the BAs role in them
  • Waterfall, incremental, and agile lifecycles and how they change BA practices
  • Document requirements for different types of projects
  • Necessary competencies and best practices of BAs

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