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Course Overview

You’re a developer with plans to build Android apps. This Android programming training course covers everything you need to develop apps for Android devices. Work with Java and the Eclipse IDE, gain an understanding of how the OS works and the specifics required to build your Android app.

During the Android development training course you’ll develop three different apps, providing a solid foundation for implementing your own development plans after the course.



1. Introduction to Android

Topics - About Android, Why android?, Android vs iPhone, Android market, Types of prjs,clients, Software requirement, Core java concepts.

2. What is android?

Topics - Versions of Android, Architecture, Components.

3. Install android s/w in eclipse

Topics - Setting android path, Creating emulator, Hello world program, apk file, Manifeast file.

4. UI-Design

Topics - Layouts, Widgets:- text views, Edit texts, Buttons, Radio buttons, Checkbox, Image view, Attributes: - color, Size, Background, Gravity.

5. Functionalities for the widgets

Topics - on click, Operations.

6. Intents

Topics - Sms, Email, Contacts, Camera, Gallery, Manifest file.

7. Values passing b/w to activities

Topics - Activity, service life cycle.


Topics - List views, Spinners, Grid view, gallery views.

9. More Topics

Topics - Menus & toast, Dialogs, tabs & shared preferences, mediaplayer, Layout Inflater, service & Assets, broad cast receivers, Animations,video view, SQLITE, SQLITE example, network check, Web views, Google search, url parsering, google maps, video view, app upload into maket.

Trainer Details

Rithisha Information Systems Pvt.Ltd has been committed to providing the highest quality, needs-based training interventions to its clients, both locally and internationally, Rithisha is a renowned for superior training programs delivered by an enviable team of qualified, expert and highly experienced trainers in the area of Information Technology. Rithisha provides organizations and individuals with a complete and comprehensive suite of training offerings including online and classroom training's.

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Goals & Objectives

  • Build apps for Android devices
  • Understands the concepts of OOPS, Java
  • Make your app recognize and respond to different types of interaction
  • Use the Android SDK, Java, Eclipse and the Android tools
  • Integrate apps with other phone features (Local Storage, Maps, GPS, internet, accelerometer...)

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